Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Final Thoughts of Ministry time with Joy Fellowship

Grandpa Bill says, "Literally speaking Joy fellowship is a articulated fundamentally sound ministry. Joy fellowship lives a life of praise before God."
Pastor Craig's thoughts:
1) While here with the ministry team I have been humbled by their loving service. They live a simple life of faith. Where at times we tend to get caught up with what is going on around us.
2) Worship of God is more than just the portion of a service we sing. Worship should be a life lifestyle we live with thanksgiving to God. The ministry team in Siloam Joy fellowship demonstrates that principal everyday with their ministry in Chongli city.
3) True discipleship is not only leading people to Christ. But showing them how to grow closer to God. It also assists them when they are walking through tough times by adopting them into the Family of God and praying for them.
4) God had a way of making us meet the people we needed - Even when we were out sight seeing ministry took place with "chance meetings" we know were orchestrated by God. We must look for these opportunities in our own daily lives.
THANKS FOR ALL THOSE WHO PRAYED FOR US DURING THIS TRIP. It was a pure pleasure to serve with Joy Fellowship. I will continue to post through the weekend services I preach at in Taipei. Please pray for these services. God Bless!

Final Dayz Pictures

Angel Center's leader was excited to see the gift Joy fellowship brought. She told us that she could use the magnets to teach the centers children about animals.
Pastor Dave presents the magnets to Angel Center.
Nicholas presents the center's head with a gift.
A picture in the Angel Center.
Physical Therapy area at Angel center.
Classroom at Angel Center.
At the hospital to visit a baptismal candidate.
Coffee house by the River.
Coffeehouse on river. Former guesthouse for foreign dignitaries.
Group at bridge leading to Coffeehouse.
Pastor Dave baptizing Amy's father in hospital. Bridge leading to coffeehouse (one of Chang Kai Sheik's old houses was on river. (Why the bridge is so fancy).

The final Dayz

The last two days of the time we spent with Joy fellowship went by much to fast. Monday was a special day because we started at a Special Education Center for kindergarten and Adults after High School. (Could it have been special because my wife works with special needs children back in the states? Probably.) We were first treated to a presentation by the staff about the facility (where one of the staff of Joy Fellowship Siloam works). They then gave us a tour of a very up to date facility (Pastor Dave says he hadn't seen this good of facility in all of his Asian journey's). They work with children who have Cerebral Palsy. But the work is not just limited to them they have Autistic children and many other diseases. The adults there are treated a little bit differently. They are taught how to care for themselves, cooking and adl's (activities for daily living). All the program are tailored to meet the clients need and aim for them to be able to function as independently as possible. Goal to help children to attend school and adults to live a more productive life. This facility is so up to date that they offer Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies either onsite or at local hospital. Following this visit we had a huge lunch (sometimes it seems all we have done is eat). The highlight of the day was to baptize a church members father who has had a few strokes. During his life he was against Christianity, but came to Christ recently. His eyes truly shone when he was baptized!
We met the morning of the next day and discussed how the trip affected us on the team and how it affected the Fellowship in Taoyuan. The Fellowship in Siloam felt that having the team (especially Anna Mah, Nicholas and Nana) were an excellent example of how to live a Christian Life everyday. They told us that they have been teaching the principals of Christian living. But to see it acted out in daily life taught their people how to live. They told us that morning one of the church goers had called and told them that since the team showed so much of God's love - he thought he should by helping to pay our meals. Can you believe it? We then had coffee at a coffee house overlooking a river at one of Chang Kai Sheik's many homes. What a view in the evening. We then rushed back to get Grandpa Bill and Pastor Craig to the train station.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Service Pictures

Micheal began our service leading worship and reading scripture.
Micheal reading the Word.
Pastor Dave shares about being baptised.
Jimmies baptism.
Nana reading the Word.
Kelly shares her testimony.

Sunday Service

The day began early for us, had breakfast with church setup (no table). then we got ready for service. What a time it was. Baptizing 3 people can do that to a church service. We were visited by Jack's parents from Taipei and Jimmies parents (Buddhists). Jimmie's parents truly looked uncomfortable but through the services warmed up to the songs to the point they were clapping with the worship songs. Micheal lead the service to begin with and some of the worship. Michelle continued with 1 song then Pastor Dave shared from his heart about the meaning of Baptism. Soon we went outside to baptize the 3 people. It was windy which made me think the Spirit of God is here. We then went inside to here one of the people who was baptized testimony. The three baptized then sang a song and Pastor Craig presented them with certificates as a memory to their baptism and a Bible to feed their relationship with God. The group then had a spaghetti lunch together after the service. After lunch they waked around a lake nearby to celebrate the walk around the wall they participate in every year in Vancouver. Later in the day they visited a family we were unable to visit earlier in the week.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Park Pictures

The reception area where the elders sat in high esteem. On both sides there are many chairs that face each other, but the elders were elevated above them all in the center, as a place of respect.
Bamboo plant in one of the gardens. An interesting shape to this type of plant.
Stairway made to look like a mountain climb near the moon garden.
The whole team at the mansion.
A offering shrine near the largest pool in the gardens. In the background the mountains were made to resemble mountains from his mainland China home.

The entrance to the Lieng mansion. This was the family home when they lived here during the Ching dynasty.
Pastor Craig pushing Eunice through the mansion.
Esther, John and Bill on bus to Lieng mansion.
High Speed rail terminal in New Taipei.
Theater inside one of the Gardens.

Saturday at a park

We traveled to the city of New Taipei (a suburb of Taipei). We took the bullet train which goes at speeds up to 180 mph. Upon arriving we had lunch at a Japanese restraunt then took a bus to the Lieng mansion. This place was spectcular. The Lieng family was a rich family who donated this garden estate to city and was turned into a historical site. There was many gardens (water pools and plants) and a few of the buildings that the lieng family used. The pictures posted cannot show how grand the place really is but should show you some of the beauty. Robert ministred to a very sad mother who blamed herself for not being a good mother. Paster Dave shared his love with the son and gave him his joy fellowship hat. Upon returning we began preperation for Sunday services. Please pray for our continueing ministry here.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Mackay Pictures with Micheal's place

This is how George traveled when he first came to Taiwan. (Photo in a museum on the campus of Oxford (Altetheia University).
While at the campus the team met two other disabled groups. They were able to chat and pray with some of the people they met.
Micheal welcoming us into the building he lives.
Micheal showing us his room and also some of the items he sells to support himself.
A chapel dedicated to the name of George Mackay. It used to be a girls school he started while doing his ministry here.
Micheal shows us where he works in the computer department at the university.
Micheal leads us around the university on with his bicycle with Pastor Claire.
Pastor Dave and Nick with Pastor John at the meeting center and restaurant.
Pastor John shares about the meeting center/restaurant ministry.
Dinner with Jack's parents.
Jack's FMu (Parents) with pastor Dave.
Pastor Dave meets with Micheal's friend who feeds him daily at his restaurant.

Day 4 and 5

Day 4 found the team with a dilemma. The people we were to visit were not available. So the team went into Taeipei and visited where George Leslie Mackay did most of his mission work. George came to Taiwan in 1872 to do missionary work among the people of this island. Over an 8 year period Rev. Mackay began his service at his lodgings in Tamsui. He spread the gospel, offered medical care and provided education and agricultural expertise. He later started the first university on the island which he named Oxford (after the city in Canada whose residents donated generously to the work). He is very well known to the Taiwanese people as the "bearded Barbarian". The one who began the first university in this nation and really founded the medical system as well.

Day 5 found us visiting another disabled church member, Micheal. We were able to see the witness he has in the area he lives. He lives in a building that is empty for a reduced rent (he is like a caretaker). After attending a Christian university and graduating from the computer software college. He was hired as a part time assistant after a professor (who belongs to his church) noticed the time and effort it took for him to obtain his degree. He also works with a campus ministry at the university and showed us where they had chapel and the offices for the staff of this ministry. It was started by a man who was sponsored by Rutgers University. He shared that even though it is a Christian University the majority of students are not Christian. After touring the university, Micheal took us to a restaurant he eats at free. The man who owns it is a Buddhist, yet through the years got to know Micheal. As a result of this relationship he allows Micheal to eat there free everyday. (What a witness!) In the evening we traveled to Taipei to meet with Jack's parents. There home was small so they took us to a restaurant/meeting room to talk. We met the owner who is a missionary and working through this restaurant and meeting rooms. He shared how God had blessed his establishment and how it came to be. We shared a little about camp with Jack's parents and then ate dinner. a wonderful evening was shared by all.

Please pray for our baptismal service tomorrow at Joy fellowship Siloam and Agape Christian Fellowship in Taipei as well. That God would bless both services.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jack's homes exercise equipment.
Pastor Dave taking a nap in Jack's living room area.
Jack's room, he sleeps with 6 people. They have built a new facility to house more people and hope to decrease the number of residents sleeping in their rooms.
The group poses for a picture in front of Jack's home. Jack and his Mom are back row left.

Residents sell donated items to help support themselves and the group home. They are getting ready for a big sale this weekend.
Pastor Dave and Michelle are explaining baptism at Jimmie's house.
All of Jimmie's aunties welcomed us with open arms. Most are not Christian.
Pastor Dave and Jimmie at his house.
Michelle and Jack's center staff exchange gifts of goodwill.
Nick reading the Word. Jimmie's mom (a buddhist official) was astounded that Nick could read well. She came to him to see if he really was reading.