Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Camp - Squamish

We recently helped in a Joy Fellowship fall camp with close to 30 campers.As always we are treated like family and go away tired but satisfied that spiritual growth is taking place. During this camp we were able to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving (a treat since we in America celebrate it in November so I get to celebrate 2). This camp focused on the book of Acts and emphasized the point we are all witnesses. Our group had the longest story in Acts chapter 10. The story when Cornelius sends for Peter. Peter goes to Cornelius after having a vision from God that all things are clean to God. We emphasized the point that it is our choice to follow where God leads us to represent Him. It was Cornelius's choice to send someone after and angel told him too. Peter chose to go with Cornelius' men when they came to ask him to see Cornelius. Take a moment to think what would have happened if one of those men didn't chose to follow God's direction. If one doesn't chose, I believe the salvation's recorded in the tenth chapter of Acts don't take place. Maybe God would have sent someone else, the point that they submitted to God's will and followed through with their witness speaks volumes to us. They chose to be the harvester's God desires them to be. A harvester is one who not only looks at the harvest, but goes into the harvest to produce fruit. God equips us all to be a "witness of His truth". It is up to us to chose to be that witness. We don't need to know all the right things to say, but we are to live humbly as Christ did and let God do the rest. It is as simple as ABC! We must Accept the fact Jesus died and rose again for us. We must Believe that His death and Resurrection is a gift from God to restore our relationship with God. We must Confess with our tongue and pray that God would forgive us and accept us into His family. With that we recognize God does what He said He would do and accept us. Camp went well and all were reminded we must be witnesses to our group homes, day programs and neighborhoods to bring people to God with our lives. It was a privilege once again to share with Joy Fellowship- and look forward to continue to assist them in the future!!! We are headed to Minneapolis to meet with other leaders in the special needs community.I will post pictures of camp when I get them from Joy Fellowship. God Bless! Still working on scanning some pictures.