Monday, November 14, 2011

Pictures of Guadalajara

Entrance to the ParaPanAmericanos Village (where the athletes stay during the games).
Some participants hang there flags from the windows of their apartments.
The Flag pavilion in the "International plaza" where the athletes hang out and visit each other.
Advertisement in a local shopping mall. The malls name is "Plaza del Sol".
Outside the Chapel after service. Here was our worship team - Hugo Vargas Rivas and his wife.

More pictures to come throughout week.

It's a new week

Hi again from Guadalajara 2011. It's the second day of the games. Saturday at the games was slow because people were still flying in and the athletes were getting adjusted here at the village. Some athletes stopped by to introduce themselves to us as well. All the athletes come from the western hemisphere (including Cuba). In setting up were able to post an announcement for the services here in the village. While out I met a wheel chair athlete who competes in Bocchie. She and her dad (who is a Pastor) stopped by to let us know they were interested in some of the services but she had to compete Sunday Morning so they would miss church. Saturday most conversations were brief letting people know we do a have services here in the village. Sunday we had chapel. The crowd was small, but God showed up. The message was on, "What type of athlete are you". We used the story of David and Goliath and asked if you were a Saul (under-confident), a Goliath (overconfident), or a David (humble and knew his limitations). When we got David a blind Mexican athlete let us know it was David's trust in God that allowed him the victory! After the service two Brazilian came to the Cappila (Chapel). They could not make the early service because they were competeing so we talked with them and prayed. It seemed to help one of them as she had a few tears after the Prayer. We then invited them to our evening Praise and Devotional time. After that I left due to a touch of nausea and lightheadedness. Continue to keep us in your prayers. God Bless!