Sunday, October 16, 2011

taiwan Pictures 2

Lieng Mansion sacrificial Bogota.
Sculptured mountain at Lieng mansion.
Church at Joy fellowship Siloam.
Baptismal at church with Joy fellowship.
Group at Lieng mansion.
Altar time at Chosen Ones Filipino Church, Taipei.
Dance Team, Worshiping at Chosen Ones.
Main Station MRT (subway) in Kaoshuing, Taiwan.
Fruit vendor in Kaoshuing, Taiwan.
Celebrating communion at Agape ICA, Taipei, Taiwan.
Temple in Taichung, Taiwan.
Restaurant in Taipei.
Tallest building in world (The 101).
Royal Palace Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
Sacrificial altar in a temple.

Please be in Prayer for our next Mission Trip to Guadalajara, Mexico. We will be a Chaplain at the Pan-American Paraplegic Games Nov. 10th-21st. Will Post trip as it happens in November. Know your Prayers are being answered and are important! God Bless you all, Pastor Craig.

Pictures of Taiwan

Micheal leading us around the Campus he works at in Taouyan, Taiwan.
Pastor Dave sleeping on the job???
Fundraiser workers helping Angel center,
A Christian meeting room and restaurant we went. Angel center where Jack lives.
Dinner at Camp, Great Food!
Worship team at camp.
Let's Worship with Nana.

Jack working out in Angel Care's gym.
It's time to go to Camp!
Enjoying Yehilu's beauty.
The Queen's head at Yehilu Park.
Entering the GeoPark.
Worship at Camp.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Worship Video at Chosen Ones

Sunday Video and Pictures

Banner for Phillipino Church in Morning where we worshiped.
Worship band at Chosen Ones.
It's offering time, they walk up to altar to give tithes.
Pastor Craig sharing on "Waiting on God".
It's altar time with God.
Chosen Ones dance team.
Agape ICA's worship team.
Sharing the Word with Agape ICA.
Let's turn to ...
Communion with those at Agape.

Sunday's Highlights

Sunday Morning started out quickly. We got to the Philpino church just as service started. They began with a mild two worship songs then "Dao gao" prayer. Then we began worship with the dance and worship team (see pictures). they then greeted everyone at the church (grandpa says he got more handshakes here then a long time (10 years). What a precious people! The Philippino people are very emotional. Then came the sermon (Waiting upon the Lord) - There was a good response to the altar call with a few of the Philippino down under the power of God. We sensed God's presence throughout the service. We then had a great lunch with the missionary pastor from the Philippines. Here is a interesting note she told me. All of the church works in the factories and the factories control their daily lives. They have to get permission to go off company grounds - If they leave without it they will be deported immediately. They also have no say in their work place - So they often work 6 to 7 days a week 10-12 hour shifts. Pray for these people they seem to be treated like slave labor. Pray that God will allow the people to attend the Bible Studies and Church - That their bosses would allow them the time to go to these events.

We then went back to Agape ICA to have a service there. What a time it was. The difference between their daughter church (Chosen Ones where we preached in the morning) was striking. The Phillipinos worship loudly and emotionally where Agape was a little more tame. Though both services were extremely Pentecostal. Shawna had come up from Kaohsiung and celebrated services with us and it was a good time for all. After church we jumped the High Speed rail back to Taichung where we are staying. Thanks to all who have been praying and God Bless from Taiwan. I will be downloading some pictures from this beautiful country.