Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday at Games

All I can say is wow. Ministry has picked up here as more athletes are finding there way to chapel for prayer and Bible Study. It is very interesting to see the passion of the central and south American athletes. Yesterday evening I was blessed to see during our Bible Study - a spontaneous worship and testimony time all in Portuguese and Spanish. How do I know it was good? God's presence was there. One athlete told us that he has had a problem with fear ever since losing his vision. He told us after prayer that there is no more fear "PRAISE GOD". That's a quote. Also had a nice chat with a Brazilian wheelchair tennis player who was not supposed to come, but because the 2 players above her couldn't make the trip - She Came. She won a bronze individuals and silver doubles tennis medals. We discussed the why she was here question and prayed. There are other stories to share, but for now let me thank you for praying. The language barrier is still there but we have been getting around it. But it is in very eye opening to have a Bible study in 2-3 languages at one time. Will post some pictures soon and as always, God Bless from Guadalajara and keep praying. Pastor Craig