Monday, September 19, 2011

Yesterday (Monday) began with a traditional Chinese breakfast followed by our morning session. I taught on the basics of personal prayer, including who we pray too. In Taiwan there are many different Gods and I tried to make sure they knew that Christ was the only way to God. A couple of days ago coming here we ran into a Taiwanese parade celebrating some of their God's birthdays. They had idols in the back of trucks and were in traditional costumes working hard to please their own God's. It is great to know that our God hears us when we pray. After morning session we went to lunch then on a nature walk. Along the walk we saw a temple. Talking with one of the leaders she let me know that all the dragons and intricate details on the roof are for a purpose. To fight off and discourage evil spirits coming into the temple. It made me think that if they do this they are a fearful people. Fearful of the supernatural. Please pray that the fear these people expereince would lead them to the arms of Christ. Where the Bible says there is no greater power and protection in the love of God. Pray for our return trip to Taepei today. God Bless!