Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last thoughts of Mexico and ParaPan Am. Games

It's been over a week and time to turn towards home. I fly out early Monday Morning so I thought I would write down A few thoughts. 1) Ministry at this type of event has many forms. Praying for the athletes who compete - For their safety and well being and for their families as well. This I did a lot of especially with Catholic athletes. One on one ministry takes place as well - God had a way of providing translators when they were needed. During our fellowship and devotional times it may have taken time with translations, but God rewarded those who were there with His presence and some very good fellowship. Mexican and Brazilian are extremely passionate about there faith. It's like worshiping with someone who drank hundred cups of coffee and on caffeine pills. Thanks for all the prayers they were answered. 2) People in Mexico are a very excitable people. But they also know how to give out of their own needs. There is a big difference between the poor and rich. It is senn throughout these cities. But what challenged me was the poor gave to those in need. They gave despite of their own poverty. God Bless and hope to see you all soon. In His Service, Pastor Craig. Bueno Steeas!!!

Ministry Pictures

Magna and Hailey (Brazilian Judo) were sharing after Bible Study. They are very passionate believers.
Maria with a silver medal (Singles Tennis and Doubles Tennis), Laura (co-chaplain) on Right share the spotlight with two of Maria's team (Brazil).
Mexico, Colombian and Brazilian after Bible Study. Time to Fellowship and take pictures (Smile)'
It's time to pray!
This man jumped on the bus and started singing. He later took donations. What a job????