Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jack's homes exercise equipment.
Pastor Dave taking a nap in Jack's living room area.
Jack's room, he sleeps with 6 people. They have built a new facility to house more people and hope to decrease the number of residents sleeping in their rooms.
The group poses for a picture in front of Jack's home. Jack and his Mom are back row left.

Residents sell donated items to help support themselves and the group home. They are getting ready for a big sale this weekend.
Pastor Dave and Michelle are explaining baptism at Jimmie's house.
All of Jimmie's aunties welcomed us with open arms. Most are not Christian.
Pastor Dave and Jimmie at his house.
Michelle and Jack's center staff exchange gifts of goodwill.
Nick reading the Word. Jimmie's mom (a buddhist official) was astounded that Nick could read well. She came to him to see if he really was reading.

Day 2 and 3

I wasn't able to blog yesterday because of the schedule we are keeping. So here is what took place the last day of camp and the first day of visitation. I expect you will be glad to hear that God is answering all prayers on this journey and your continued prayers will be very helpful.

The last day of camp started like everyday had, at the meal table. We were joined once again by the 2 young couples who led us in worship. (They had to go back the day before to open their business yet still took the time to drive 2 hours back to camp to serve as our worship leaders.) In the service as they led worship, I began to realize one simple fact. Worship is a universal expression of our love for God. When I say universal I mean no matter the language barriers we had, God continued to bless our times together. If we didn't know the Chinese words, we knew WHAT WAS BEING EXPRESSED it is almost like we knew what they were singing even though we didn't. (I hope that doesn't sound strange but God had this way of translating that is hard to describe.) From there we prayed for the two young couples who took their time and families to serve us. Pastor Dave commented that he felt it was the most intense time of the camp, because of the presence of God. Pastor Dave preached on how to incorporate reading the Word and prayer into ones life with practical applications. Then we heard to stirring testimonies from Robert Yu and Auntie. Robert spoke on how his daughter, wife and team member Nicholas challenged him by own lives.He hopes to begin a life filled with devotion like these great examples. A life of devotion to God and study of his word. Auntie shared her story as well. She let us know if it wasn't for God's grace she would not have been here. A few months ago her bed caught on fire with no one home. She could not get out of it due to physical limitations. When she was taken to hospital her whole side was burned. So bad the doctors thought she was not going to live. After a few months in ICU she was allowed to go to the general medicine floors then home. They told her stronger physically people would have died. Yet she shared it was God grace that helped her through. Though she is unable to use her burned side, she continues to live. If you look at her picture - I hope you can see the light of God shine through her. We then traveled to a local historical market and headed back to Siloam Joy Fellowship in Taouyan.

The next day we would see God's hand at work once again. We visited a residential care home of one of the church goers - Jack. Similar to a group home in Canada or the U.S. There we were greeted by Jack, his mom and the staff at the center (even the director). After Jack showed us around in his own hurrying way we had time to talk with the staff. After the visit the home opened the home up to Siloam JoyFellowship to have a bible study. This was a new event as they had yet to ask or start something there. But they noted how the team cared for not only it's own but all who lived there. Pray that this would continue and that God can use Siloam to start a small study and begin to change peoples life with the Word of God there. Not only the residents, but the staff's lives as well. After lunch we visited another members house who is getting baptized (Jimmie). His mother is a high official in Buddhism and has been to see the Dalie Lama. We spent three hours at this house and while there we noticed the mother much more accepting of the Christian Religion. She was very nervous at having us over because she thought we were a cult. But was astonished to see and hear the love of the team's parents and children. Her total disposition changed and is now excited to see her son baptized. Her sister was there as well and she is the mayor of a neighboring city. After participating she became really excited about the possibility of a joint venture with Joy Fellowship Siloam to aid people with disabilities. She laid out a dream for how it could be accomplished, and has the power to do it. Pray for Jimmie's Mom and sister as well - We changed the day of the baptism so more members of his family can attend. Continue to pray that God will continue to break down the barriers here and His Word will be accomplished. God Bless and thanks for your prayers!