Monday, September 26, 2011

Service Pictures

Micheal began our service leading worship and reading scripture.
Micheal reading the Word.
Pastor Dave shares about being baptised.
Jimmies baptism.
Nana reading the Word.
Kelly shares her testimony.

Sunday Service

The day began early for us, had breakfast with church setup (no table). then we got ready for service. What a time it was. Baptizing 3 people can do that to a church service. We were visited by Jack's parents from Taipei and Jimmies parents (Buddhists). Jimmie's parents truly looked uncomfortable but through the services warmed up to the songs to the point they were clapping with the worship songs. Micheal lead the service to begin with and some of the worship. Michelle continued with 1 song then Pastor Dave shared from his heart about the meaning of Baptism. Soon we went outside to baptize the 3 people. It was windy which made me think the Spirit of God is here. We then went inside to here one of the people who was baptized testimony. The three baptized then sang a song and Pastor Craig presented them with certificates as a memory to their baptism and a Bible to feed their relationship with God. The group then had a spaghetti lunch together after the service. After lunch they waked around a lake nearby to celebrate the walk around the wall they participate in every year in Vancouver. Later in the day they visited a family we were unable to visit earlier in the week.