Friday, December 6, 2013

Final Sunday Kaohsiung Taiwan

For a internet service message during this ministry trip I was recorded and placed online once. That was Taipei week 2 at Chosen Ones ICA. Here is a link if interested in that message My time in Kaohsiung, Taiwan was very memorable. The church I preached at was bilingual and did its services in both English and Chinese. They also did there worship in the same manner wit English Worship songs and Chinese Worship songs.Hearing the Chinese Worship songs was as uplifting as singing the English Worship Songs. Here is a brief portion of one of the Chinese Worship songs to hear for yourself I was able to share about how the ministry got started and how God has expanded the vision of this ministry.It was interesting to see how God put all three preaching opportunities together. Especially, the worship before the sermons. This was because the worship all reflected what the sermon was about, God knew what the messages would be and influenced the worship leaders to take it in the direction He (God) desired. During the trip I also met up with two special needs ministers who are looking for contacts in the U.S. to help them with materials and other ministry curriculum and ideas. It was good to see how God could bring together like hearted ministers in a foreign land. Here were a few interesting sites around Taiwan.

     Here is a hill covered with their many gods.

One of the first public wells in Taiwan. Note the wealthy have half the well behind the wall.

    Dragon and Tiger Pagoda in Kaoishuing. Erected over a pond (Lotus Pond).

     Sunset over the Taiwan Straits, looking toward China.

    Though there are many sights to see in Taiwan, when I think of the Trip I remember the people who            
    are so friendly and sharing. Who truly go out of their way to help you. Who try to appease many 
    deities and somehow miss the one true God. Disabled or not, a people who when they come to
    know God, truly serve with fervency and selflessness. Pray for Joy Fellowship Siloam, a church of 
    Disabled individuals, that God would continue to use them minister to the disabled. Also pray for 
    Uwe Mauer and his ministry Taiwan Sunshine, a school for special needs children in Taeipei and a
    Ministry wanting to expand the gospel message to children and families of special needs children.
    Lastly, pray for he Williamson's, they are trying to teach Taiwanese churches how to incorporate
    A special needs ministry into the churches of Taiwan.