Saturday, September 24, 2011

Park Pictures

The reception area where the elders sat in high esteem. On both sides there are many chairs that face each other, but the elders were elevated above them all in the center, as a place of respect.
Bamboo plant in one of the gardens. An interesting shape to this type of plant.
Stairway made to look like a mountain climb near the moon garden.
The whole team at the mansion.
A offering shrine near the largest pool in the gardens. In the background the mountains were made to resemble mountains from his mainland China home.

The entrance to the Lieng mansion. This was the family home when they lived here during the Ching dynasty.
Pastor Craig pushing Eunice through the mansion.
Esther, John and Bill on bus to Lieng mansion.
High Speed rail terminal in New Taipei.
Theater inside one of the Gardens.

Saturday at a park

We traveled to the city of New Taipei (a suburb of Taipei). We took the bullet train which goes at speeds up to 180 mph. Upon arriving we had lunch at a Japanese restraunt then took a bus to the Lieng mansion. This place was spectcular. The Lieng family was a rich family who donated this garden estate to city and was turned into a historical site. There was many gardens (water pools and plants) and a few of the buildings that the lieng family used. The pictures posted cannot show how grand the place really is but should show you some of the beauty. Robert ministred to a very sad mother who blamed herself for not being a good mother. Paster Dave shared his love with the son and gave him his joy fellowship hat. Upon returning we began preperation for Sunday services. Please pray for our continueing ministry here.