Friday, September 23, 2011

Mackay Pictures with Micheal's place

This is how George traveled when he first came to Taiwan. (Photo in a museum on the campus of Oxford (Altetheia University).
While at the campus the team met two other disabled groups. They were able to chat and pray with some of the people they met.
Micheal welcoming us into the building he lives.
Micheal showing us his room and also some of the items he sells to support himself.
A chapel dedicated to the name of George Mackay. It used to be a girls school he started while doing his ministry here.
Micheal shows us where he works in the computer department at the university.
Micheal leads us around the university on with his bicycle with Pastor Claire.
Pastor Dave and Nick with Pastor John at the meeting center and restaurant.
Pastor John shares about the meeting center/restaurant ministry.
Dinner with Jack's parents.
Jack's FMu (Parents) with pastor Dave.
Pastor Dave meets with Micheal's friend who feeds him daily at his restaurant.

Day 4 and 5

Day 4 found the team with a dilemma. The people we were to visit were not available. So the team went into Taeipei and visited where George Leslie Mackay did most of his mission work. George came to Taiwan in 1872 to do missionary work among the people of this island. Over an 8 year period Rev. Mackay began his service at his lodgings in Tamsui. He spread the gospel, offered medical care and provided education and agricultural expertise. He later started the first university on the island which he named Oxford (after the city in Canada whose residents donated generously to the work). He is very well known to the Taiwanese people as the "bearded Barbarian". The one who began the first university in this nation and really founded the medical system as well.

Day 5 found us visiting another disabled church member, Micheal. We were able to see the witness he has in the area he lives. He lives in a building that is empty for a reduced rent (he is like a caretaker). After attending a Christian university and graduating from the computer software college. He was hired as a part time assistant after a professor (who belongs to his church) noticed the time and effort it took for him to obtain his degree. He also works with a campus ministry at the university and showed us where they had chapel and the offices for the staff of this ministry. It was started by a man who was sponsored by Rutgers University. He shared that even though it is a Christian University the majority of students are not Christian. After touring the university, Micheal took us to a restaurant he eats at free. The man who owns it is a Buddhist, yet through the years got to know Micheal. As a result of this relationship he allows Micheal to eat there free everyday. (What a witness!) In the evening we traveled to Taipei to meet with Jack's parents. There home was small so they took us to a restaurant/meeting room to talk. We met the owner who is a missionary and working through this restaurant and meeting rooms. He shared how God had blessed his establishment and how it came to be. We shared a little about camp with Jack's parents and then ate dinner. a wonderful evening was shared by all.

Please pray for our baptismal service tomorrow at Joy fellowship Siloam and Agape Christian Fellowship in Taipei as well. That God would bless both services.