Friday, November 11, 2011

Mexico Ministry

Greetings from Guadalajara, Where we are getting ready for some Chaplaincy ministry at the Para Pan Am Games.

The athletes are arriving ready to compete. Two of the three chaplains made the trip as well. The third one fell ill and is unable to come at this time. The person in charge is a Pastor/Church Planter here in Guadalajara.We are ready to go - Before we began he gave us a tour of the athletes village where we will be working. He also filled us in to the areas "Roman Catholic" background. One of which is shared with many of the nations around it. He told us 1-2% of people in Mexico are Christians. Since the percentage is so low many Mexicans view evangelical Christianity as a "sect" or a "cult". Roman Catholicism is main religion in Mexico and surrounding nations. As I continued to learn, this type of Catholicism is more Spiritist than Catholic. As many appheritions have appeared throughout the region. Most claimimg to be Mary the people haved turned to "charms" and various saints to seek help and salvation. Please begin to pray for these people, they are slaves to a Religion and truly need a Relationship with Christ. Pray for us at the athletes village as well - That God would use us to draw the athletes to a personal relationship with Christ. Pray also that God would bless our Sunday Morning services and nightly devotional time. In His Service, Pastor Craig