Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Basketball Video

I am posting this men's game footage of part of the USA vs Guatamalla to show you how talented these athletes are.

Basketball Pictures

Team USA before there game with Guatemala. Final score 95-23.
Entertainment at the game. They play a lot of jazz.
USA women against Mexico. USA won 77-46. The crowd was very loud for the home team.
Entering the Basketball Venue.
One of the mascots of the games "huichi" (a pink deer).

Pictures "Life in Mexico"

e At any stoplight you can run into from 1 - 3 people performing during the stoplight. They do anything from acrobatics to juggling. This guy is doing some baton tricks. After they complete these tricks they run down the line of cars accepting gifts.
Here is a street vendor. They are scattered throughout the city. Most of them setup near bus stops to sell there wares.
While this riding on the bus to "The Villa" this man jumped on bus and talked to the driver. He then turned to the crowded bus waving a paper and speaking Spanish. After about 5 minutes he went down the bus and received money from those on bus. He came to me I told him I didn't speak Spanish. He spoke English and told me what he said. He got out of prison and showed his release papers. He asked for a peso or two so he could find a job after he traveled home. People here gave out of what they had to help him without question. What a giving people.
The bus drivers in Mexico can personalize the bus he drives how he likes. So far I have seen a Mickey Mouse and this tinted window of Christ.
At the streetlights people do more than just entertain, they wash windows like these guys are for money. They also sell things like papers dolls anything you can think of.

Weds. Observations

It's been two days since my last post and in those days some things have happened. The most notable visit I have had is with the father of a Quadriplegic who injured himself diving into his fathers pool while he was on leave from the marines. The accident happened around 1985 and his son has been on the US Bocchie team for 16 years. In the military if you become a Quadriplegic or Paraplegic they assign to a "core group" of people to Rehab. with - This helps because they bond in such a way as to help each other through their traumatic experiences including the use of legs (if Para or Quad) and arms (if Quad). Evidently in this his sons core group 4 out of 6 people have died. The father told me that over 80% of Quads over age 45 die due to apathy (not knowing what to do or not wanting to be like they are).

In terms of ministry taking place - most of it is praying with people and trying to build relationships (one on one). For this Americano it has been difficult so far for 2 reasons: 1) The language barrier. Most of athletes speak little English and when I am by myself I try to recruit an interpreter. When two of us are here it is a a lot easier. There is still ministry taking place when I am alone as I do connect with Americans and Canadians. Just not as much as I'd like to see (pray for this). The second challenge is that we are trying to leave 1 chaplain in chapel at all times. So when you are by yourself, it is tough to get out and meet the participants of ParaPanAmericonas Games. We do overlap our times in the afternoon and get out then to meet people. Being short a Chaplain hurts us in that respect, but I would ask you to pray for the chaplain who became ill and could not come. His name is Todd. Keep us in your prayers as we are here to serve the athletes and ultimately God! - I will write back in a day or two, God Bless!