Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pictures "Life in Mexico"

e At any stoplight you can run into from 1 - 3 people performing during the stoplight. They do anything from acrobatics to juggling. This guy is doing some baton tricks. After they complete these tricks they run down the line of cars accepting gifts.
Here is a street vendor. They are scattered throughout the city. Most of them setup near bus stops to sell there wares.
While this riding on the bus to "The Villa" this man jumped on bus and talked to the driver. He then turned to the crowded bus waving a paper and speaking Spanish. After about 5 minutes he went down the bus and received money from those on bus. He came to me I told him I didn't speak Spanish. He spoke English and told me what he said. He got out of prison and showed his release papers. He asked for a peso or two so he could find a job after he traveled home. People here gave out of what they had to help him without question. What a giving people.
The bus drivers in Mexico can personalize the bus he drives how he likes. So far I have seen a Mickey Mouse and this tinted window of Christ.
At the streetlights people do more than just entertain, they wash windows like these guys are for money. They also sell things like papers dolls anything you can think of.

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