Friday, June 8, 2012

Orlando day 7

As I sit to write this I feel my mind has expanded by learning a lot from the ministries we are visiting. Basically we have seen two models here in the Orlando area. The church we visited taught us about the inclusion model. That is how to assist the special needs student into the church she works for in Longwood, Florida.She has primarily done this with the addition of a "buddy". A person who helps the special needs child with the surroundings and who assists them with their special needs. Most of these children actually attend their age groups class. Though some of the students who have "behaviors" not conducive to their classroom meet in a separate special classroom and study their lesson in that class. All the special needs people were learning something and we got some great material to help others use this method. The organization we met with today believes the churches of a community need to band together and minister to it's special needs congregants. As a result the churches in one community band together and support a ministry called "Special Gathering" to have a chapel service for their special needs congregants. Learning this philosophy is eye opening because of the inter-denominational cooperation it takes to run. I may write more about this philosophy later, but for now let me say this.... We are truly being challenged and love to see both ministries succeeding! As always, God Bless - Will post pictures later!