Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Park to Camp

The Group at the national Park by the Ocean.
God's handiwork. This called "The Queen's Head".
Some more of God's Handiwork.
Finally made it to camp. This is where Camp is being held.

Name of National Park

This is the National Park we stopped at to visit. The place where we could see God's handiwork in nature.

Going to National park

We started out on a bus in Chongli city. We are ready to go to Camp.

Trip to North Coast

We le ft for camp today. What a joy it is to see the excitement for some of these campers. The bus was very tall (like the double deckers in England) and big. It was an amazing thing to see this bus on some of the streets in Taipei (the streets were like 1 lane roads with no shoulders) to get to the coast. On the way we stopped at a National Park (Yeiliue Pronounced Yeh-Looo). There we saw God's creative power and grace both. Through the years the ocean waves and winds have sculpted some very interesting figures on this coast in Taiwan. One such figure is known as "The Queens Head". Tomorrow you will see a picture of this marvel, it actually looks like Queen Nepherite of Egypt head. It truly gives you the oppurtunity to marvel at God's creations! As I was walkikng by these monuments I paused to wonder "Did the flood in the time of Noah help carve these images?" I know the evolutionist would argue with me, but to see these images just shows the power God has over creation. After we got to camp and settled one of the campers dad and a person who also came with the church we are with from Canada lost conscioussness after falling backwards at the hot springs near here. He went to hospital and the doctor said he was fine, but he still doesn't know what happened. We are grateful for God's protective hand over hi. Please pray for him - His name is Robert. The first meeting tonight went well. It is amazing to worship in two languages and still be one under God. Wish you could all experience it. God Bless Pastor Craig