Thursday, August 6, 2015

Toronto 2015 - Post 1 August 6,2015

 I finally feel settled in for the Para Pan American Games. It was quite the trip getting here. Arriving in Denver my flight was delayed for a half hour, than another and another until after 4 hours of delays at 11 pm they finally decided to cancel (delay) the flight 12 hours and put us up in a hotel. After 5 hours of rest they called and told us it would be another 6 hour delay, which allowed us to leave 24 hours after we were scheduled to leave. Trying to book another room in Toronto and working with my supervisor of Chaplains was a challenge, but worked its way out. Arriving at Midnight I found out there was a Festival in town similar to Mardi Gras. Waking up the next morning I headed to get my accreditation. Wouldn't you know it, they had the wrong birthday on it and told me it would take a few days til they could let me he into the village. Luckily, my supervisor was with me and he encouraged them to expedite the process and they were able to approve me (Praise the Lord) rather quickly. This allowed me to start the very next day.

Though the games don't officially start until Friday (one day away) there have been many athletes arriving in the village. Chaplaincy at this level of sport is very much a Relational Ministry. Being the way Chaplains work, I was glad to have the opportunity to greet some new people from the nations involved and renew old relationships.
   Chaplain Laura Kyte, Maria (Table Tennis), David (Table Tennis) both from Brazil, Myself
These are a few old friends from Guadaljara games in 2011. 

We began Bible Studies and I had the privelage to meet two participants (one from Columbia and the other an assistant to a Canadian Athlete). We briefly discussed "Going for the Gold" out of 1 Cor. 9:23-25 and Hebrews 12:1-3.

              Berta (Colombian Weight lifter) Charlene (assistant to Canadian Boiche athlete)

Please continue to pray for all the Chaplains at the Para PanAm games. That God would continue to move in the athletes lives. God Bless you, P. Craig 

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